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March 31, 2009
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I just wanted to leave this note here for people who may have similar trouble.

I spent many days trying to find why MediaPortal would always ask for the TV Service IP/Hostname or give "Connection lost to TV service" when trying to play TV. This started after months of working fine and no changes.

I immediately thought of firewall, and disabled windows and Eset's firewall & antivirus through their configurations. This did not work! The only way that got it immediately working was to completely uninstall Eset Smart Security.

I only decided to completely uninstall the firewall after I used TcpView which showed Eset's kernel driver making connections at the same time as MediaPortal, even with firewall off! Obviously interfering in some way.

Hope peeps who may have the same problem find this useful.

Cheers & thanks for the amazing program, I've got it running perfectly now. :D

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