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September 21, 2004
Yesterday I deleted the old application and installed the new release After starting the new MP version I recogniced that I had to reconfigurate my WINTV PVR 250 first I thought that's no problem but than I saw that I had lost also all the channels , names and frequencys. All the other settings like shared folder and plugins were still like the old version (perfect).

Wouldn`t it be nice to keep the channels names and frequences in a separate file. In my opinion they don`t depend on the Hardware. Just kind of tuner cable, antenna, dvb-c/s/t. This will make new setup much faster.


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October 17, 2004
Rijsbergen, The Netherlands
I presume you didn't delete it, but de-installed MP. I must agree with your suggestion. You can import the channels from your TVGuide.xml file. However with the version I still had to enter the frequencies again (I do it by hand). Never had this problem before when upgrading to a new version.

Probaly the suggestion is to have all channels with channel-number and frequency in a seperate XML file.

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