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  • May 7, 2008
    FlashFXP Development Team
    MediaPortal Version: 1.0
    Windows Version: Windows Vista

    Here are some bugs that appear to have never been resolved with the IMDB with AKA scan script. This is getting painful when you have to reinstall MP. Please add the following to the mantis/bug list.


    1) There are still " characters appearing with movies. Ie Do a scan for 'Blue Murder' without the quotes or 'Deja Vu' without the quotes and you will see what I mean.

    2) There are still movies that will not come up when you scan for them, although they are in the imdb data base. ie. 'Attack Force' will not show up at all, but, Attack Force (2006) (V)

    3) If you have 2 parts to a movie... ie. blah - cd1.avi & blah - cd2.avi .. When the scan happens, it still asks for input for both parts of the same title. You only have to select one for it to work, but the second part is still there.

    4) Script wont find anything with a - in it .. Ie. "The In-Laws" The In-Laws (2003/I) ... It cannot find the movie, no matter which combination you put the words.

    Bug and/or Suggestion Depends on your point of view

    5) Perhaps the script should go a little broader if it doesn't find a match. Ie. If you search for 'Gauntlet' it has no result, but if you search for 'The Gauntlet' then it does.... That doesn't make sense.

    6) I just scanned about 450 files, with countless 'conflicts' and it is going to take me half an hour. Please either allow us to put the year in the title, so that it finds the match easier, or for the script to automatically select the most popular title and sort it out later on.

    If you speak with gamejester, he has done quite alot of work with scritps and has previously resolved some of these issues in his own work.

    Thank you again for your great product, it would be nice if we do a clean install it doesnt take hours :)


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  • May 7, 2008
    FlashFXP Development Team
    Covers are correct here, but i can confirm the "-" and other sreach issues.
    i will have a word with the devs.

    Thank you, I appreciate you having a look and letting them know.

    I have quite a few movies with various types, so I would be happy to do any testing of scripts, etc.

    Thanks, Spaldo

    PS/FYI: This is the thread & work that gamejester was originally working on prior to the feature freeze:


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  • May 7, 2008
    FlashFXP Development Team
    I have made a zip file with all of my avi files inside it. If you extract this to a directory and do a scan using your script you will see the errors & conflicts I am getting.

    I knew there was a way to show you!



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