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  • December 1, 2008
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    The following problem was not observed by my on RC4.

    There is a "The Godfather Trylogy" folder, containing 3 subfolders - "The Godfather 1" and so on.
    Each "The Godfather XXXX" subfolder contains a "BDMV" subfolder (BD-remux).
    Each "The Godfather XXXx" subfolder also contains an appropriate "folder.jpg" file.
    So, in the Portal each "The Godfather XXXX" subfolder is shown as an icon (read from the corresponding "folder.jpg").
    So far it is quite OK.

    The parent folder ("The Godfather Trilogy") also contains a common "folder.jpg" representing the whole trilogy.
    But in the Portal this "The Godfather Trilogy" folder is not shown properly:
    1. Open upper "Movies" folder ("Catalog" view)
    2. The "The Godfather Trilogy" folder is shown as an icon (read from the corresponding "folder.jpg")
    3. Move selection from one movie towards the "The Godfather Trylogy"
    4. When "The Godfather Trylogy" is selected:
    - a small icon for this folder turns to a white bar
    - a poster (i.e. "big picture") is not shown on the left side of a screen (but a shadow of this poster is shown below!!!!)
    5. Press ENTER and get in to the "The Godfather Trilogy" folder, then get out to the parent "Movies" folder.
    6. Now both - the poster and the small icon - are shown for the "The Godfather Trilogy" folder
    7. Move selection up/own - and observe that the poster and icon are not shown again.

    The strangest thing for me that such bugs are observed not for all folders.
    For example, I have a "Terminator" folder and 3 subfolders (for related movies), everything of the same structure as described above - but here everything is shown OK.

    P.S. All "folder.jpg" files are not more than 600x400 with size not more than 80 Kb.

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