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Hi, Just downloaded the latest CVS mediaportal-cvs-08-19-2005--14-08 and seem to get a popup banner on My Tv saying "no signal detected" but the quality bar is almost full. Is it bursty noise on my Nebula card or a bug? The picture isn't breaking up and yet it pops up every few seconds.

I haven't tried any other versions, just installed the CVS straight on a new install.


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July 2, 2005
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I've noticed this as well using the most recent CVS build.

I figured sooner or later there would be something on the forums about it.

Anyone have any info as to what this is?


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May 31, 2004
Afaik it´s because of agrees and frodos work on the new TV module. They´re already working on this bug.

By the way, did anyone have the same bug as I have since a few days with the CVS: When switching to TV, it takes some time then the OSD "scrambled channel" comes up and the program is totaly distorted. The sound repeats and stutters, the picture is stuttering and more like a picture show as a movie/TV.

Maybe I have to give it another try, as it may depend on switching on a scrambled channel, then switching back. As far as I saw, in the logs all other following channels are then used with plugins (MD Plugin).

Anyone saw this? Maybe only SS2 related?


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  • February 16, 2005
    I get this issue too, but it's been reported here a couple of times already, mostly in the bug forum I think.

    The last days CVS seems pretty stable for me now.

    mama, I get that message too, but it's only for a few seconds until the channels lock on in my case.


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    May 19, 2005
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    I get the same banner ("no signal detected) on each external DVB channel tuned on AV Input on a Hauppauge PVR150. It stay permanently in the bottom of the screen and I can't press any key, only esc to come back. Behind the banner the TV if perfec !!!
    I got this issue with 20-8-2005 CVS and till now any CVS has solved the problem.
    Help me please.
    Have I to come back to 18-8-2005 CVS?


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    May 31, 2004
    I´m not sure if anyone is working on the TV module. I think frodo is on his well earned vacation and agree maybe too?!

    The CVS files are almost the same for the last few days. Only little parts changed.

    Just be patient, they´ll solve it. ;)


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    March 3, 2005
    I hate to do a "me too" message, but I have encountered this problem as well, with a CVS from last week, and a 150mce card. It seems to happen about 15 to 30 minutes after watching TV.

    Funny thing is however, that yesterday we recorded a movie, almost 2 hours lenght, and that went without any problem. Also watching the recording back gave no problems at all. So the issue only seems to take place whenever we are actually watching the TV.

    We have timeshifting turned on, 45 minute buffer.

    I hope this information is useful for solving the issue...

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