MyVideos database and no internet connection - use local grabber/nfo script? (1 Viewer)


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August 2, 2012
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MP 1.2.2, recently upgraded to 1.2.3

I have a set of folders, by genre, each containing video files (mostly .mpg/.mp4/.ts) and try as I might, I cannot get MP to scan the folder and add the files to the video database to allow anything but the Shares View. The database tables remain empty (checked with a sqlite browser) apart from VideoThumbList, Duration, Files, Movie, Path and Resume. Nothing shows up in the video database editor in MP Config (just one blank entry, 'New').

I have a somewhat strong suspicion this is because I do not have an internet connection on the PC MP is on. Once, I did get a set of IMDB connection attempts, but of course they failed. Most times MP has the update button just grey out briefly, and then go back to normal. I tried all the different scan options.

I tried creating a local grabber script, very crude, just using the file name (which is the video/movie name, with or without year details, eg Gone with the Wind.mpg ); I also tried another home made grabber to use on local xml (nfo) files such as are generated by MP TV recorder. Both failed, probably because my csscript files were seriously broken. It may be the xml (nfo) files (or jpgs present in the folder, eg from MP TV recordings), when present, were natively being used by MP to fill the VideoThumbList table. But none of the other tables got filled, and all views apart from 'Shares View' remain empty.

So my question is: is there a local grabber script available that can use local xml (nfo) files to get video files into MP's video database? I'm not after anything fancy, just basic entries, and the ability to view by Year/Genre etc and a Watched status view I created (all such views show up empty when selected). If not, is there a way to load/update the video database with the need for an internet connection turned off, so it doesn't try (and fail) to connect to the internet?

I attach a config log file (the only log file that changed) generated while I opened MP config, reset (deleted) the video database, and tried a few rescans. Looks like cornerstone.dll isn't going down too well, and that may have something to do with trying out Moving Pictures (now disabled, because too complicated for my needs, and didn't solve the problem) but the failure of MyVideo to load the videos happened before and after trying Moving Pictures, and another thread suggests this cornerstone thing may be a red herring.

Many thanks.



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August 2, 2012
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Yes, sort of, though it is more of a workaround than a direct solution, but it does have a silver lining.

I found a rather good freeware video database called Personal Video Database ( which crucially has the ability to import from text files and export to MP. You need to modify (or copy and then modify) PVD's text import plugin, which is basically a scraper that goes through text files (such as MP's xml (nfo) files) collecting everything between 'X' and 'Z' and putting it into a PVD field. You then export the records to MP's MyVideos database and Bingo! the data shows up.

The silver lining is that if you run PVD as a portable app off a USB stick, you can then run it on another PC that does have an internet connection, and scrape IMDB or wherever and collect loads more data (and images) - if the fancy takes you. PVD also has a very good forum with lots of useful help and advice.

Hope that helps!


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October 3, 2012
Anguilla Anguilla
Awesome, thanks so much for this. Trying it out now but i see the poster arent so good from amazon. But will check how the export to mp goes. Thanks again!!

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