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August 2, 2006
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HTPC Case: Dell 400SC
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Power Supply: Dell 400SC
Remote: Firefly
TV: conventional
TV - HTPC Connection: modulated

I'm trying to get mame32 to work and have followed the following instructions:

Advice from user "baloubic":

1) Launch Configuration.exe
2) Launch the myPrograms-plugin-setup screen
3) Add a new "MAME DIRECT"-application: "Add Child" => "Extended" => "MAME Direct importer" -> a new detail screen appears
4) Set the "LAUNCHING APPLICATION" by clicking the browse button to the right. Select the location of your mame32.exe => myPrograms tries to set as many options and directories as possible.

* Set you game files directory
* Uncheck "Quotes around filenames"
* Remove the "-skip_disclaimer" tag, keep the other two.

5) Click the FILES tab
6) Click the "UPDATE DATABASE" button to launch the importer


I click on the "Launch" button for a game that works stand-alone (this on the same page as the "Update Database" button) and nothing happens. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

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