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October 5, 2012
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I have setup ir server suite to work with my usb hp windows media center ir receiver/blaster and remote, i am running windows 7 32 bit,i used this tutorial

To easily setup IRSS

1) Open the installer. During the setup, leave the default stuff checked but also check the boxes in front of...

- Under Tools, "Keyboard Input Relay".

- Under CommandLine Tools, "IR Blast" and "Hauppauge PVR Tuner".

2) After the installer finishes, the configuration for IR Server will appear. I have a Microsoft MCE device so I clicked on the CONFIGURE button for it. On the KEYBOARD tab, check the box in front of "Enable keyboard input". Click OK then OK again. The IR Server service will restart.

3) Now go to START > ALL PROGRAMS > IR SERVER SUITE > TRANSLATOR to open Translator.

- Check the box in front of "Start Translator with Windows".

- On the IR Commands tab, learn your STB codes for buttons 0-9.

- Click OK.

4) Open NPVR and go to SETTINGS.


- Set the Executable to C:\Program Files (x86)\IR Server Suite\IRBlast.exe

- Set the Arguments to -host localhost -channel {channel} -delay 350

That's it. IRSS works just fine.

i have a slightly different executable, the directory is pointed to, C:\Program Files\IR Server Suite\IRBlast.exe which is correct from all the info ive gathered, i just need the argument that is on my pc but dont know where it is or where to find it, i have irss setup and connected i then have the executable and argument set but when i open windows media center or npvr which are both setup with my hauppauge colossus, i try to change the channel using my keyboard and wmc remote but nothing happens, please assist, someone, ive been at this for 9 months

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