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October 26, 2005
Hi guys.

I'm trying to setup the program guide using xmltv but for some reason it just doesn't work right.

I followed all the steps on this page:

But for some reason the time is way off. I'm in Vancouver Canada, so I use the "tv_grab_na_dd" option and I set the time offset to "-0800" I hope that's right.

If anyone can help me that'd be great.


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January 31, 2005
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Do you have the offset of -0800 in the xmltv config or as an offset in MP config? I have fought several battles with xmltv myself. My (daylight savings) zone is -0700
For me the following works:
time zone in xmltv config is set to -0600
time zone offset in mp -1
I had to set the offsets then click to remove all programs in the database then reimport them.
I hope you understand, if not I can go step by step with what I had to do.

Also see this post:


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October 26, 2005
Thanks for the reply wishywashy.

I actually used the Setup program to get the Program Guide. I noticed that when you make the configuration file, it asks you for the offset not your timezone! So what I did was put 0000 for the offset and just went from there.

Zap2it has your timezone set already and I think it sends your timezone information with the xml file.

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