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January 31, 2016
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I have two tuner plugins inside TV Server I use. The DVB-C for Ziggo in Netherlands and DVB-IP for extra channels I can't get from ziggo.
Now everything works fine except I can't get any EPG for my IPTV channels (DVB-IP). I tried WEBEPG plugin, but the grabber for dutch site tvgids doesn't work, it seems. My last solution is to start using WebGrab+Plus, which I used in the past and works well. But I want a all in one box solution with the MediaPortal TV Server. Now I found out that in some way if I combined a channel that is on both the DVB-C and DVB-IP, it sometimes would add the epg info from the DVB-C onto the DVB-IP EPG info. For example, the DVB-C from ziggo has epg for 'NPO Humor', but the channel doesn't work. While this channel is free on the internet, I added this channel with DVB-IP. But after combining the two, the channel will stop working after a time, I think because it is by then using the tuning info from dvb-c??

Now I did uncombine it because it doesn't work. But I found out if I put the Service ID from the DVB-C channel NPO Humor into the Service ID from DVB-IP NPO Humor, I get the EPG info for the channel, but then also, the channel will stop working although the iptv address is still there. After undoing this, I will have a working channel with EPG for some time, because the EPG info is still in the database, until it is not because it does not get refreshed.

Is there a way to get this working for me: IPTV channel with EPG info from DVB-C provider??


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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)

    Is there a way to get this working for me: IPTV channel with EPG info from DVB-C provider??
    You can try to use the "perform mapping for EPG grabbing only" option:
    1. Undo any changes you made to service IDs. That can never work.
    2. Combine the IPTV and DVB-C channels.
    3. Go to the mapping section.
    4. Select DVB-C tuner up the top.
    5. Unmap all the combined channels (ie. select on the right, then click "<<").
    6. Tick "perform mapping for EPG grabbing only".
    7. Remap all the combined channels (ie. select on the left, then click ">>"). Now the combined channels should be shown like "... (EPG Only)" on the right.
    8. Repeat 4, 5, 6 and 7 for all other DVB-C tuners.
    End result should be that TV Server will only use the DVB-C tuner to tune the combined channels when EPG grabbing. For live TV and recordings, the DVB-IP tuner would have to be used.

    For example, the DVB-C from ziggo has epg for 'NPO Humor', but the channel doesn't work.
    I'm curious. Why wouldn't the channel work? Not included in your subscription, or...?


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    January 31, 2016
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Thanks mm1352000,
    Yeh, the channels belong to package, but the channels itself are free to air anywhere else.

    I gonna try this but would the dvb-c still work for the remaining channels in this case?

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