1. E

    TVserver RTSP

    How id possible to set a default rtsp streming. so when the TVserver restart the RTSP is already configured. Now eery time you restart the TVserver RTSP must be set manually
  2. badboyxx

    TV card is listed as unknown in TV-server config

    Hello, I've give MP2 (version 2.2) another try and wanted to test it simultaneous with MP1. I have installed it as a single seat (client andserver). I saw that my both DVB-S2 tuner are listed as unknown in TV-Server configuration. The two DVB-C tuner works fine. All cards are from Digital...
  3. regeszter

    MPExtended (Mobil access) for MP2 only for TV access

    Hi, this is the MPExtended for MP2 TVServer based on the original MPExtended 0.6.0 Beta 10 of the MP1. MPExtended is an interface between the TVServer and the Android or IOS mobile applications. I suggest for the Windows 64 bit users to replace the in-built 32 bit ffmpeg to 64 bit from...
  4. MrGrymReaper

    MediaPortal DVB EPG - More Detailed Information

    Hi, I feel while the DVB EPG is an outstanding piece of work by the development team behind MediaPortal and works really well. Potentially providing an EPG at no extra cost for those who don't want to subscribe to an EPG service. It however could use some more love to extend the amount of...
  5. E

    Best way to insert programs in database

    Hi there! I'm currently developing TVServer plugin for grabbing EPG from one site and I wonder what way is better to insert programs. My data is full EPG for one week for all my channels. So it's 10-50 k records. Should I do it once for all programs or maybe better split insertion process by...
  6. R

    [solved] TV auf Client "kein Player für Objekt stream2.0" registriert

    Seit heute kann ich auf meinem Clienten (MP2.1pre2, Win7Pro) kein TV mehr ansehen, hat gestern noch funktioniert. Fehlermeldung: Es ist kein Player für die Wiedergabe des Medien-Objekt stream2.0 registriert. TVServer läuft auf Win10Pro (ebenfalls 2.1pre2), vor ein paar Tagen neu aufgesetzt. Logs...
  7. M

    TVServer not showing Genres

    My issue is TV server only shows movies or series as Genres. I pull my EPG thru EPG collector and it pulls more than 1 category i.e "series" and then "animation" heres an example. And But when I try sort out the categories in tv server I only get the option of movie or series How do I...
  8. T

    Need solution EPG for IPTV

    I have two tuner plugins inside TV Server I use. The DVB-C for Ziggo in Netherlands and DVB-IP for extra channels I can't get from ziggo. Now everything works fine except I can't get any EPG for my IPTV channels (DVB-IP). I tried WEBEPG plugin, but the grabber for dutch site tvgids doesn't...
  9. ajs

    TV Server - size of disk space

    What is the size of disk space when installing standalone TV Server. Those. immediately after installation and configuration. We do not take into consideration size of the database and folder timeshift.
  10. D

    No PMT found when tuning to second and subsequent channels

    After reboot or startup of the TVserver, I can successfully tune to any of the DVB-T channels found. However as soon as I tune to a second channel, I get the No PMT found error. This error then persists till I restart the server. Happens for TV channels as well as radio channels. No idea where...
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