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December 23, 2008
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I need some help with the #MovingPictures.general.filteredmoviecount label

i want to implent it in my B and W skinfile but i dont know how to do it i readed it has also has todo with the facade listing so i need some help on this issue

if i use #MovingPictures.general.totalmoviecount it works fine it displays the total movies in my moving pictures

Total Movies: 127

but now i wanna implent the #MovingPictures.general.filteredmoviecount but then it shows the same as the general.totalmoviecount

Movie Index: 127 so not movie 4 of 127 how it supposed to be

so wich code i have to add in the facade.xml to get this to work :)

please help me guys

thanks in advance


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June 7, 2007
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I think you might misunderstand the meaning of the label. It does not display the index of the selected movie, it displays the total number of movies in the list. For example if you are showing only unwatched movies in your list, the number would be much smaller than 127. Displaying the index of the selected movie is not a bad idea though and would probably be pretty easy to add. If you create an issue for this over on the Goolge Code page, we will try to get it in a future version.

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