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October 23, 2005
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First, thanks for this nice utility. I've been searching for an utility that can transcode my .flac files (main format for music backup at home) to .mp3 for listening in my car. Tried a couple of other utilities, but none seemed to be able to transfer the tags from the .flac files to .mp3, which made it basicly unusable for my purpose. Very nice to see MPTagThat does support this and wow the transcoding speed is really fast as well (it's been a while since I used the other utilities, but subjectively from what I can recall MPTagThat seems way faster).

I'v been using this utility since yesterday, so I've yet to discover all the functions etc. I've found the interface to be somewhat not very intuitive on some points, but maybe I need to spend more time with it first. Will report back later on this.

MPTagThat works perfectly on my Windows XP machine. I've yet to try Vista. I've tried MPTagThat on Windows Server 2003 (32-bit), which is a virtual machine under ESXi with no soundcard (not supported by ESXi), but I always get the error "error opening file" when I try to convert a file. Already tried different things like installing MediaPortal, installing flac, the lame mp3encoder, etc, but I'm wondering, it seems the utility uses the same bass-engine from MediaPortal even for converting? Do you need a soundcard for MPTagThat to work?


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  • September 15, 2004
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    You're right. A sound card WAS needed.

    i'm initialising it now with the "No Sound" device, so that all non-playing functions, like conversion will work.
    When you want to playback a file, via the player control, then i'm re-initialising it, and then a sound card is needed.

    changes will be available in next release.

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