Need to find app path and app arg for hp wmc ir blaster (1 Viewer)


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October 5, 2012
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i have ir server suite setup to operate my hp windows media center ir receiver/blaster with remote, i have used the ir file tool app to find the codes for my cable box, im trying to use the remote and blaster with windows media center. I used this guide to set everything up, i get stuck when the author says go to hkeylocalmachine/system/pswtuner to do some registry editing to get things to work, i dont have a pswtuner folder, but then in one of the comments someone says u no longer need to deal with the registry, so i just used the same app path and arg that the author did, when i try to change channels in media center it doesnt work, but when i have media center closed and am viewing cable via the hdmi input, the normal way and i use this app on my iphone called orb to which streams live tv from pc to many devices, i go to change the channel and the blaster works, but y wont my remote work. im close to getting this taken care of

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