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Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1 Skins' started by Niroth81, September 9, 2012.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm not a skinner but would like just a bit of help. I use Mustayaluca and absolutely love it, but I would like to know how I can change the width of the list layout in the videos section. I have the image on the left of the screen, the list of items in the middle and empty space on the right of the screen. In the Moving pictures section, the right hand side shows imdb movie info and thats ok, but in the Video part I don't need that info and want to use that space for the rest of the file names. How do I :

    Increase the width of the text field in the list layout so I can see more of the file name?
    Can I remove the thumbnail preview on the left of screen for ONLY the videos part of MP, and keep it there for moving pictures and music for example.

    I am familiar with editing XML, but I just don't know exactly what setting I need to edit and in what file.

    Thanks guys.
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  3. Marduk65
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    Hi Niroth81,
    with my very very very very little experience in skinning I'll try to give you my little help; you can edit only video section working on the following files:
    myvideo.xml -> this files is for video shares view and contains the thumbnail preview on the left for video shares view (from line 320 in mustayaluca xml file)
    myvideoTitle.xml -> this file is for video database views (Genres, Title etc.) and contains the thumbnail preview on the left for video database views (also in this case from line 320)
    To modify list layout for video section, you have to edit the file; Pay attention that in this file not all listcontrol characteristics are defined, because for many of them are used the general ones defined in references.xml. For example in Mustayaluca file there is no indication of the width of the listcontrol, so Mediaportal uses that one specified in references.xml (664). If you want to change the width of listcontrol for video section you have to add a row like this <width>720</width> in the listcontrol section of file (from row 42 to row 52).
    I suggest to backup always original files prior to modify them, so you can restore the previous situation if something goes wrong (for example I don't know if in Mustayaluca skin is used for other screens; if so you can make a copy of the original one, change the name of copied file in, for example,, make all needed changes in it and then change the row <import></import> in <import></import> in myvideo.xml and myvideoTitle.xml

    Hope all is clear (excuse me for my bad English) and can help you


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