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February 15, 2010
Excellent plugin which I've been using for years now. I just had Re-images my computer back a month due to issues (using Acronis) and Netflix part of your plugin works fine with the exception that My List and Continue Watching lists are now blank, (won't show any entries). Though adding things to my list and removing works (checking against my Netflix phone app). Play back works fine, and if I find my show using browse, and select continue watching through that context menu, it's in the correct spot (EG: Season 2 Episode 1)

Is there anything you can suggest, I've cleared cache, thumbs, database, uninstalled reinstalled, u installed clean and reinstalled then re-configured. Even clearing IE11 cache and history. Only thing I haven't tried is re-installing mediaportal and streamedmp. I even tried the default wide skin with the same result. EDIT: OK, just reinstalled Mediaportal and StreamedMP with the same result.

This was working perfectly before I imaged my machine back 1 month. I also created this image when the machine was working well (everything functions).

I've turned on Vurbose logging, and the OnlineVideos.log shows nothing. It's blank so I assume no errors?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OS = Windows 10 x64 v1709
Mediaportal = 1.18
StreamedMP =
OnlineVideos =
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February 15, 2010
I found the following which I found interesting in C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\OnlineVideoSites.xml

Netflix is saying showing the following

The "LastUpdated" is not today's date of 2018-03-28 or even this year, maybe this is why My List and Continue Watching are blank?

yet the YouTube shows the following


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    well, the latest changes for the sourcecode of netflix are from quite some time ago (may 2017)

    Edit: Other than that, I don't know the status of netflix, and the developer of that site has moved on unfortunately.
    Could it be that you had a custom onlinevideos installed?
    Also (not sure if this is going to help) do you have any logs of onlinevideos?

    Edit2: onlinevideos.log remaning empty: that's not good at all.
    Please provide full logs using the watchdog


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    Just a note: I can confirm that browsing Netflix does not work here as well. I have just started my trial month and stumbled upon this problem as well.


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    February 15, 2010
    I am happy to report that after sending information or reporting it being broken which I only just found out how to view and report within the Online Videos Manage Sites GUI, there were 4 others reporting the issue dating back earlier than myself that I just noticed it has been updated (the source code?) as of the 30/03/2018, and everything is working again! Yay!

    Search has been removed but don't think that ever worked, but home works as the categories fill with information / shows.

    P.S: I never used a custom version, and just bad timing when I imaged my machine that I noticed this stopped working. I used my TV today and found it was 4 or 5 episodes behind (incorrect) that I had watched using Online Videos Netflix. Can confirm that is working from TV Netflix to Online Videos Netflix. So it had stopped working / started to stop working properly approx. A week before I imaged, just never noticed as I had stuff still in my list.

    I do clear out my logs when reporting an error. So maybe there wasn't an error during my testing and why log was empty, as I'm not a fan of looking a large log files :)
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