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October 13, 2005
Here's the lowdown of my problem. I recently bought a new case for my HTPC. Here's the link.

As you can see it comes with a MCE Remote which MP supports and VFD display.

Here's the problem, I've searched everywhere to find out what type of VFD it is so I can use the External Display plugin. It's USB and thats all that I know.

Second, I thought the MCE remote was going to be better than the Hauppage remtoe I had. I selected it in the options in MP setup. But when I start MP the only buttons that work are the scroll buttons. Play,Pause,Fwd,Rewind,Back,Info. etc.... don't work within MP. I know the buttons are registering cause my IR program flash when I press any button.

The thing I noticed was out of the 2 MCE remotes listed in the options in MP. Mine is tad different. Check for yourself at the above link.

I was hoping someone has the same case I'm using with Mediaportal to help me out. MP is a killer program.

This HTPC stuff is addicting. You always want to get new stuff but sometimes you F it up some more.

Thanks in advance..


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  • February 16, 2005
    What version of XP do you have?
    Win XP pro (SP2) and MCE both have the drivers built in, but I think XP home doesn't. This could be your problem. All the MCE remote buttons should function perfectly.

    The remote should also show up in Device Manager as a HID.

    There are quite a few posts on this same matter. Do a search for MCE Remote and XP and this should bring up some answers for you.

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