New DVB subtitle filter (TsReader based)


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  • October 4, 2006

    As I thought - If I use non-RTSP mode on my multiseat client then no problems at all.

    as described here.

    So rtsp is currently fugged for me.

    In direct file access mode I am able to seek all I want and subs are still present.
    Also the black screen is gone in the situation where I click Ok to resume playback at some random position within the file.



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    November 20, 2004
    I did some tests.
    The problem is not in character table. :)( It would have been too simple)
    In fact my teletext page have no language information.
    There are two kinds of teletext language related information. One is the character table number and the other is any information that might be contained in the DVB Service Information. The former is not optional, but the latter is.

    So while you might have no DVB Service Info for your subtitles (blame your provider :) the character table used must be indicated.

    Note that the character table does not uniquely identify the language of a page. For example, danish subtitle pages are transmitted using the swedish table. Additionally some broadcasters actually alternate character tables on the same page (for example using alternately german and swedish table for swedish subtitles).

    I tried to force it. Now the auto function works in the selector.
    But I didnt understand the teletext part based on an int value.

    It would be great to implement something like: "if language doesnt exist in page, it use the 1st prefered language to match the good character table"
    Do i understand it correctly that you want unidentified pages to automatically be identified as the primary preferred language? Such behavior would be problematic as some providers do not intend the unidentified subtitles for display, they might broadcast say Swedish and Danish subs and then some leftover Russian (or something else :) subs without language identification. But i suppose it could be implemented as an option.

    My original plan was to add channel based mappings, ie you would be able to specify that "Page X on channel Y is language Z", but this is not implemented yet.
    Yes I should blame my provider :)

    For my immediate needs, I did a patch by hardcode language to "fra" and header.language=3. I can now use the auto mode and I have the right character table.

    Another way to solve the problem (in my specific case) could be to pick the language from a standard page (like 100)
    I notice than language info are present.

    Do you want a sample file to test it?




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  • January 7, 2005
    Fixed three issues:

    0001348: DVB subtitle filter crashes sometimes when receiving incomplete PES packets - MediaPortal Bugtracker
    0001347: Bad reception can crash DVB subtitle filter - MediaPortal Bugtracker
    0001351: DVB subtitles stop working after cutting the .ts file - MediaPortal Bugtracker

    Please report all new possible bugs as a new threads in the TVE3 bug forum. As there is no development anymore (DVB subtitle support has been in the SVN over half a year I guess this thread is pretty useless...)

    Big thanks for everyone who has been taking part in the testing / development of this feature.
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