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Discussion in 'General' started by the_cat, November 19, 2018.

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    Hello !

    I've installed the latest version (2.2 client-server mode) on a fresh new installation of windows 7 and here is my feedback (I was using MP1 with TVServer before)
    Installation :
    • minimum configuration of installation (W7 SP1 + KBxxxx for dokan) is not enough to run MP. If you try to run MP server, logs display errors like dokan1.dll or streamserver.dll could not be loaded -> You must apply all windows update patchs available in windows update (or at least some of them but I don't know which ones).
    • You have to specify the streaming IP server in server if there is more than one network (auto mode didn't work)
    • Client :
    • I cannot see my DVB radios in MP2.2 client (maybe I'm missing something ? in MP1, there was a tile for radio while some radio was configured in TVserver)
    • What is the best configuration for recordings share ? If I use the default share (recordings (1)), I cannot delete recordings. If I use a UNC share for recordings (\\server\recordings), I can delete but It doesn't update automatically (and if I change default recordings share, next time I restart server service, It recreate the default share and I have duplicate recordings).
    -> OK. I have to set UNC path in tv server configuration and not on client...
    • I cannot delete a recording when recording or playing (In MP1, if I delete a recording in use, It stop recording or playing and delete the file)
    • In MP1, when choosing a program in EPG that is recording, I have the choice to stream live or start playing the recording. In MP2, I don't have the choice (only stream live)
    • Weather update can cause stuttering while playing video. Could you make a parameter to execute background tasks only when idle ? (like DVB EPG grabber)
    • EPG viewer is not smooth while stepping forward and backward in time (keep left or right arrow pressed) like it is in MP1. I think in MP1 EPG is loaded entirely (only today and next days, not the past days) and in MP2, EPG is loaded on demand. Could you make a parameter to choose the loading method ?
    • Share of (a lot of) photo's couldn't load entirely (out of memory exception) and server crashed.

    Thanks for your work !

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    Show System Specs

    Thanks for your comments. Generally we recommend to also take a look at the Wiki where many questions are answered.

    Right - and we explicitly say so in case of the installation not working.;)

    I guess there is a 50:50 chance if you have two network adapters. I am not sure if "Auto" will automatically use one or the other (and which one). This should be visible in the log. Any proposal what you would like to see?

    Currently Radio and TV are not separated and such feature request can be found in the Feature request section of the forum. As a work-around you may want to assemble your radio stations in a separate group for easier access.

    Yes, you can - but only if you defined credentials. In that case you will either be prompted a "are you certain message" or you can delete from the respective media item context menu, or from the EPG or by pressing the Red record button in the EPG or...

    No problem here and you are the first one to bring this up. We can't say anything without full logs (DEBUG mode please). Maybe something else was going on. Keep in mind that the server may do a lot of import activities after new media shares have been added.

    Right, it is adding the complete next show for the currently selected channel. IMHO merely cosmetic.

    No, that's not the case. What makes you believe that it does?

    Logs would be welcome.

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