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May 1, 2006
Hi all,

I created a new MP plugin that searches for particular dj-sets/mixes on a sound-cloud. When a mix is found it will show the results on the screen in MP-style - Title, DJ, Genre, info about the mix (tracks, comments...if available).
You can listen to the mix, dowload it or search alternatives from same the dj's.

The program is in beta but main functions seem to work pretty good so I'll release it as RC.

The plugin is written to work with MPStreamed-skin, if you have another skin, you can try to move the mponlinemixesgui.xml and onlinemixes.jpg to your skin directory.

After installing the plugin go to the setup in MP-configuration look for mponlinemixes to enable it or show it on the home screen, the plug has it own plugin where you can setup the download path, and search intensity.
Download path defult is c:\temp
Search intensity default is normal

Why search intensity? The search process is quite intensive the more results you want the longer you might have to wait, so don't worry if a search seems to take a long time. Also the plugin will keep you updated each 25% part that's completed.

The plugin is quite easy to use
Click on the search button to enter a mix, keep in mind: you are searching for dj-mixes not numbers or artists although the search might return some results.
When something relevant is found, the search will continue and will show the progress each 25%. Then the list is shown. The left part of the screen shows the results, the right part will show some extra info and a logo (if available). If the info-box consists of more pages, navigate right until the spin-control gets focussed and use pg-up pg-down to scroll.

If you want to download a mix, right-click on it or use the context-menu, in the context, you can choose to download the mix or search alternatives (based on the DJ).
When you download a mix, a label indicating the number of downloads in progress will be shown, this means you can download more mixes at the same time. Each 25% a mix is downloaded a notify window will popup.

Download available at:

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May 1, 2006
I hope so :)
The download will be available soon, just need to create the plugin home page to download it.


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    sounds great .... some screenshot in first post ,will be nice (y)


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    May 1, 2006
    Hi Emph,

    For the moment the plugin does not search on
    but it's only in its first release. I'll see how this goes, and maybe expand in the future.



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  • November 30, 2010
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    the plugin doesn't work for me yet.. When I enter on "search mix" nothing happend.. Any idea?

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