New setup, EPG issues, LiveTV issues, UI issues and plugin issues


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November 21, 2015

Have a new setup of MP2 on a fresh Windows 7x64 install, looking for a replacement to WindowsMediaCentre no that it's on it's way out.

Was able to scan TV channels ok.
Setup a few basics like time shift and recording to 2TB drive.

In MP2 i am not getting any EPG data, was hoping it would just work like Media Center.

Watching live TV seems jumpy and seems to suffer lag.

When selecting a channel from the TV channel list in the UI, sometimes the list disappears and the channel can be clearly viewed, and sometimes the list stays on top of the channel with the channel playing in the background.

Weather plugin
[minor] Weather seems to be working, but tempos are showing in Fahrenheit, rather than local Celsius.

Would like to see what Media Portal is all about, but need to get the above sorted before it is of any use at all.
Any help appreciated.


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    November 21, 2015
    In MP2 i am not getting any EPG data, was hoping it would just work like Media Center.
    You have to setup an EPG source, see our wiki page:
    I think the easiest way is to setup a DVB EPG:
    Looking at that second link it appeared we had everything set up properly.
    At this screen...
    I thought instead of just having english selected i just hit ALL.
    Then within a minute or so EPG data started appearing.
    Seems weird that having only English selected didn't work.


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    November 21, 2015
    So after enabling DXVA2 in LAV Video live TV mostly works OK now, but recordings are terrible.
    When playing back recordings the picture is very stuttery, jerky, etc...
    Have enabled/disabled DXVA in LAV, and have tried the options in the MP settings aside from LAV also without luck.

    Playback in Media Player and VLC works fine, so definitely and issue with MediaPortal or it's choice of codec.

    Hardware is ....
    Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H (chipset includes integrated ATI HD4250, chosen 5 or so years back for HDMI out and hardware vid decoding)
    AMD Athlon II X2 245
    RAM Kingston 8 Gig DDR3
    2TB hard disk

    The above hardware ran Win7+Media center fine for years, looking like we might go back to it if we're unable to resolve these issues soon.

    Also interested to hear if anyone has a suggestion for a proper Windows Media Center alternative.
    By alternative i mean UI and backed combined, plug'n'play, just scan channels and tell it where to store recordings, and everything works that would be nice too.
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