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  • July 11, 2011
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    First I would like to say I completely love what has been built here and have been reading the forums almost daily for about a year. While I may not completely understand all aspects of MP, I have been able to build a few things on my own. I also am Very Impressed in the support given on the forums. It truly shows the dedication of all involved!

    Because I know there are users from all over the world using MP, I am in a NW suburb of Chicago Illinois U.S.A.

    I have been using Server and Client versions sense the new Alpha 1.3 came out but am using the stock installed screens. The only addition is ScheduleDirect.

    I would be interested in installing the MP2 if I would not have to start over and reinstall everything when the final version is released.

    I have had issues with the Dell server/s I have been using and having legacy issues, I have decided to start building a new server.

    Before I go on with my build questions, Are there any U.S. developers that can use a (or 2) Dell servers to help with development of MediaPortal?

    1 is a Dell PowerEdge 2850 2U 64bit dual xeon. Service Tag 69J7R51
    The other is a Dell PowerEdge 2600 4U 32bit dual xeon Service Tag 65N9N31 (I actually have 2 of these)

    I would like to trade / sell these for major help in building my new server (can give remote access if needed) and assistance on my client. The 2U has limits on slots and the 4U has given me legacy issues I have never been able to solve. After spending too much money on it I am moving on. BTW: the current 2600 has 6gig of ECC Ram.

    Currently I am buying the hardware to build a new server / client machine. Besides being the MediaPortal server and client for the system in the basement, I also run a web server that I need to continue to support.

    I have ordered the motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER M5A88-V EVO, AM3

    I am looking at a 6 core AMD FX CPU and starting with 16G of Ram. I will be setting up a 4G ram drive for OS temp files and transcoding.

    Boot drive to be a 60G or 120G SSD SATA

    Data drives, 3-2T SATA in a raid5 and will add to it (MB supports 5) and I have a PCI AMCC 3ware 9500S sata 8port sata controller (in the current Dell Server)

    Because the motherboard has built in HDMI with hardware supported ATI, there should not be any issues in making this a client to watch on my ViewSonic 47inch HDMI TV downstairs.

    I would like to have a quad digital tuner. I have both digital cable TV and an over the air digital antenna on the roof. Currently the Hauppauge HVR-1600 is connected to the antenna and gets great results. I may add this to the new server and add a Hauppauge HVR-2250 dual. Suggestions are welcome.

    In the past I have been running Windows Enterprise server software. I did manage to get MP Server installed and running under the 32bit. Because I need to support the Web Server, what would be the best 64bit solution for me for OS?

    The current client in the living room is a older shuttle connected to a 2nd ViewSonic 47inch and sound if pumped thru the Optical to my sound system... Sounds great. I do plan to rebuild the client after the server / client is completed.

    All networking is across a hardwired gig backbone. All internet access is controlled thru a separate firewall server connected to my DSL there-by protecting my network.

    So, for my server and the need to watch spending:
    Suggestions on CPU and memory
    Best 64bit OS to support MP server and client on same machine and IIS for web server.
    Also needs to support other clients (living room W7) future Bed Rooms (2), IPad 2

    I have not decided on a remote for the living room yet. Would like to use the IPad2, Can a non-functional (no cell phone) be used as an IP based remote? Or even an older cheap IPhone?
    I should have the motherboard this week and possibly the other parts the following week. I am not in a big hurry to complete this, I prefer to get it done right.
    While I know this is not the biggest and best out there, It should do everything I need with great quality and speed (I hope). I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.


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  • May 21, 2008
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    Hi Breese,

    Your new set up sounds great, and I am certainly interested in hearing how the build goes. I'm certainly no expert on MP and don't have the knowledge to comment on the kit you have chosen, but I have just built a new server and I am in process of getting everything working with it, hence my interest in your new project.

    I'm using a AMD Phenom II 6 core, 16Gb of RAM and a 60Gb SSD and it just flies. (would be even better if I could get the Gigabit network running at a higher speed than 100Mbps though :( ) I went for the 6 core as I now transcode everything into .m4v format, and it is really quick at conversion (using Handbrake). I can transcode an hour of full HD recorded TV in 30mins, so your FX CPU should be even quicker. I don't have a raid setup, but have simple backups which mirror the main HDD's i.e 2Tb Movies disk has a 2Tb movies backup disk etc. I run this headless as it is in my basement and just access it via Remote Desktop Connection.

    I am due to fit two new quad tuners into it. These are a quad DVB-S/S2 and a quad DVB-T/T2 and are both manufactured by TBS >>here<< I'm not familiar with the US format for terrestrial transmissions, so I cannot say whether the DVB-T/T2 card would work with your system. I know T2 is a relatively new format and is gaining ground in Europe. Anyway, check out the TBS site from the link, they may have something that does what you need.

    I look forward to some updates as your project progresses. Good Luck.


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    Hello and welcome :)

    You've covered a lot of ground in your post. I'm going to pick one thing that I might be able to assist with...

    I would like to have a quad digital tuner. I have both digital cable TV and an over the air digital antenna on the roof. Currently the Hauppauge HVR-1600 is connected to the antenna and gets great results. I may add this to the new server and add a Hauppauge HVR-2250 dual. Suggestions are welcome.

    I'm not sure if TBS can help you on this front - they mostly focus on tuners that work in other parts of the world.

    Do you have a cable subscription, or do you just get the clear QAM local channels via cable?
    For tuners: are you wanting quad cable, quad ATSC, or a mixture?

    If you do have a cable subscription and you want to use this server to receive the encrypted channels then you will need a CableCARD tuner.
    MP's support for these is still in an "experiemental" phase:

    CableCARD tuners don't do ATSC, so your HVR 1600 would still be useful on that front.
    As you probably know, both the 1600 and 2250 do clear QAM or ATSC depending on what you connect them to, so they're quite flexible - they just can't handle encrypted cable channels...

    The other option you could consider is something like an HDHomeRun.

    The fact that they are network-connected makes them very flexible, and support is great. They also handle ATSC and clear QAM like the Hauppauge tuners.


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