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December 11, 2005
Hi All,

First of all i'd just like to say I am a complete newbie to Media Portal but having fiddled with it for a couple of days now all I can say is 'IT ROCKS!'.

Ok, my question is probably a really easy one, but here goes, can anyone tell me what I need to get my UK Sky setup working through my PC. I'd very much like to get rid of my digibox and replace with my mediaportal PC when it's finished. I've found a Hauppage Nexus-S PCI card that will support Satellite input and appears to have a CI for the addition of a card reader but am unsure as to whether this will let me watch all my Sky channels.

Many Thanks for your help with this, and keep up the great work



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February 23, 2005

Search through some of the old forums for sky - you'll find your answers. Short version is no. Most of sky's channels are encrypted and non of the PC cards support the HW or/and SW required. If you use a NOVA-S card, you'll get some unencrypted channels - pretty much Freeview coverage.
What you probably want is a MSFT Remote control with a blaster that will control the sky box.



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October 15, 2005
you can get a firedtv-s/floppydtv-s whichy is supported by mp and provided you get the correct bda drivers you should be able to get all shy channels, provided you haave a valid supscription with sky..



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January 13, 2005
And a dragon CAM module in which you put your sim card. I think the firedtv web site sells then as well, or asking around they're not hard to found, about 60£ i think?

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