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November 25, 2012
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I have configured all my movies with moving Pictures, which is working great, but When i use remote access i cant access them to stream? Do i have to use the built in Videos folder in MP Configuration as well to be able to access them via Ampdroid? Also on Ampdroid is shows Movies & Videos. Whats the difference? I can add videos via the aforementioned Videos Folder in MP Config but they show under "Videos". Where do u add anything to the "Movies" Category? Am I Making Sense? I would appreciate a little help as ive only just started using MP and loving it but finding it a bit of a learning curve with configuation. BTW if i use the Myfilms Plugin instead of Moving Pictures. Can i access that remotely via ampdroid? Or is that purely for PC access?

Basically im trying to establish what to use for accessing my client via Ampdroid which has the best looking interface

thanks Jorrell

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