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November 18, 2005
Stafford, VA
I am getting into this DIY PVR arena and am somewhat new to it, Ive had a TIVO for quit some time so never really had any interest til now. I am moving and TIVO has been erking me lately so I have an interesting question that I cant find an answer for by searching....

If I got High Def Digital Cable lets say from Cox Cable and they sent me a HDTV Reciever to use, could I hook this up like a normal Cable Box? I understand that the High Definition signals wont work but will I still be able to record the non-high def ones?? I want to do this so I can watch live the High Def stuff but record the non high def ones, this seems like the perfect solution until cable providers start supporting the whole open cable initiative or whatever they are calling it!!

Thanks for any reply!!!

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