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May 8, 2006

I'm using 1.3.0 and I have most of my video collection set using XBMC settinsg i.e info, fanart jpg, folder.jpg etc.

I noticied using Video Shares that the only films that show cover art when entering the filelist are the few movies I have with moviename.tbn files next to them. All the films that have folder.jpg next to them just show a snapshot thumbnail of the movie.

Why is that?

When I did a search on the wiki for folder.jpg it appears to be the one that is supposed to be supported (and tbns are not) but even MORE strange is that according to the wiki there should be an option for "Use internal nfo scraper only" and "do not use database". These dont exist on my install and I'm definately using 1.3.0 alpha.

Thanks for the help.

For reference:

folder.jpg is mentioned, moviename.tbn is not.

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    All is fixed in incoming beta version (and screenshots are from beta). Alpha was just start of nfo support where not all works as it should.

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