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I have a EVGA NVTV card and im running windows xp pro. The NVTV cards drivers say they are for XP MCE only. My question is I saw on the compatable tuner card list for Media Portal is says it supports this card. Do I have to be running XP MCE edition to use this card with Media Portal?? Or does Media Portal have its own drivers for this card?? Im confused as to if its possible to use the NVTV card on XP Pro and Media Portal. Any help appreciated.


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June 11, 2005
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Working yet?

Hi Rodan, did you manage to get your NVTV card working? I spent months trying to get mine working, almost gave up, but, finally got the nvidia multimedia software from the supplier (XFX as apposed to your EVGA, but same card). Loaded the drivers that came with the card, then installed the multimedia app, and it all works perfectly (not bad for a cheap as tv card). I havent got MP to work yet as I need to install directx9.0c first (I first have to install kosher XP Pro which i just purchased though).
So, the NVTV card does work without XP MCE, but getting the app from your supplier is the key I think. Even if you dont use the app for watching and schedualing TV (I will just use MP once its installed) its a good way to get the card working in the first place.
Hope some of this info helped, will pm you too incase you dont check this post,
Cheers, Dooda48

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