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    I am still having problems with no audio after starting (including auto-start on reboot) MP or resuming from sleep. It only occurs if I enable the "Hide Windows Volume OSD" setting, I would like to have both the Windows and MP volume OSDs hidden as I use the HDMI volume control in the CEC Remote plugin which shows my AVR volume OSD. With the setting enabled following an MP start or resume from sleep it intermittently has no sound:(, audio from Windows desktop is still OK but nothing, including navigation sounds, from MP. Restarting MP usually fixes it but if an attempt is made to change the volume while the failure is present MP will hang and have to be closed with the Task Manager. The only entry in the logs found for such an incident is as follows:-
    [2019-06-14 19:02:18,370] [Error ] [MPMain ] [ERROR] - HideVolumeOSD: OSD window not found!
    [2019-06-14 19:02:18,448] [Error ] [14 ] [ERROR] - HideVolumeOSD: OSD window not found!
    [2019-06-14 19:02:19,594] [Error ] [OVInit ] [ERROR] - [OnlineVideos] Vimeo: Error getting oauth token : Die Anfrage wurde abgebrochen: Es konnte kein geschützter SSL/TLS-Kanal erstellt werden..

    I believe this problem began with MP 1.21 and is the same with 1.22 and did not change with the Win 10 update from 1809-1903. A further weirdness is that if the "Hide Windows Volume OSD" setting is cleared I think the problem goes away but the OSD is still not displayed until a reboot. There is something not right here.o_O
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