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January 1, 2010
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I've got a fresh instal of W10 and fresh instal of MP2. All updates done.

My issue is i can't seem to find any channels when i do a scan. I've looked a few things, like increasing the scan time, but I just keep not finding any channels. The correct region is automatically selected and 'enable channel movement detection' also checked.

I'm running a TBS6205 DVBt tuner card, with latest driver. The signal level is showing 3/4, but i never get a signal strength reading - although somewhere it said that may not be an issue. I have a reasonably new outdoor antenna for digital signals.

Appreciate any thoughts that the log file may show



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    The log shows
    [2019-02-16 08:44:23,067] [74770 ] [72 ] [INFO ] - ***** SIGNAL LEVEL: 72, SIGNAL QUALITY: 0 *****
    so nothing is received apparently.

    The correct region is automatically selected
    The tuning parameters will not automatically update. Did you do a "Update satellite list"? In what region are you - your profile is not showing system info.


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    January 1, 2010
    Australia Australia

    Sorry long delay...

    so nothing is received apparently.
    Thanks for the steer. Bought a new indoor antenna, and yes, picked up all the channels. Old outdoor one only lasted 4 years or so.

    all set now, cheers:)

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