No free card available on MP 1.3 final. (1 Viewer)


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June 20, 2012
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i have install the following:

MP 1.3 final
cablecard driver on (WIP section)
i have mapped all the channel.
ceton cablecard 4 tuner usb

when i go to MP, and try to watch tv. i got an error msg: no free card avilable.

i have installed WMC before in install MP. what do i have to do in order to work?


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  • September 1, 2008
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    Hello rickyman1977

    cablecard driver on (WIP section)
    Support for custom patches and plugins is only provided by the people who release them. Therefore, you should ask for support in the CableCARD thread. When you ask for help, please include all log files as instructed in the first post of that thread. Otherwise it is very very hard to help you.

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