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  • December 8, 2005
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    How to run scripts from inside MePo?

    My HTPC does not have keyboard or mouse attached to it, I control everything using my Harmony 900 remote, in MePo everything works great :)
    What little configuration I need to do I use remote desktop (logging on as a different user that the one running MePo) from another computer whenever i need that, very rare anyway... so things work fine and I don't have a problem, but..

    From time to time I need to restart something, sometimes the tvservice, sometimes some other application running i background, dynamic dns update client or other small apps that run on my HTPC. Before I left my couch and went to the other computer and fixed it, the back to the couch... then a few years ago I found the great plugin "MyPrograms" and have built scripts to restart services and/or applications - so now I don't have to leave the couch IF something bad happens, this is very rare but very annoying when it happens!

    MyPrograms plugin does not seem to be maintained and this is one of the reasons I'm not yet on 1.3.0, so what are my alternatives? Am I really the only one using MePo and only a remote to control my HTPC? Do you people really sit infront of your TV with a keyboard in your lap?

    I would love a built-in option in MePo to do this but I also realize that this is a bit "off topic" when it comes to Media Center software, but what should i do to fix this? I cant be alone with this problem?

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