No live TV or radio streaming possoble, MP freeze, local client problem (1 Viewer)


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May 25, 2010
I have an central MP 1.8.0 server instance under WIN7 and two clients with 1.8.0.
One clients is working fine.
The other client has an local MP problem, but I don't find the problem.

When I'm starting MP every function like EPG, menu activity, music and so on works fine - only when I choose live TV and radio streming MP freeze within ~ 60 sec, menu is frozen and mouse missing.

When I copy the streming URL - while MP is running - into VLC the streaming is shown.
I can only cancel MP task within the taskmanager,

Connect to server is OK, I test this within the configuration menu and the situation within VLC.
Attached the logfile created with debug mode.

Thank you for your help and support.

BR, Peter


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    Hello Peter

    I think the problem is your firewall.

    only when I choose live TV and radio streming MP freeze within ~ 60 sec, menu is frozen and mouse missing.
    According to your log files MP thinks it is streaming the channel. Actually it is not able to receive the streaming data due to the firewall on the client. Give MP full access to your network so that the stream can be received and the problem should be solved.


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