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September 24, 2007
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I have a strange behavior of my HTPC since today. It is not posible to view any livestream or listen radio. Recording and view the recordings still works fine. The only message I get is unknown error.

MP 1.2.3
For the Record 1.7.0

I did not change any configuration and yesterday everithing works great.
Do you have any idea what could happen?

Thanks for help
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    1. Reboot your PC
    Is the problem fixed?

    2. Open device manager in control panel -> hardware & sound -> devices & printers -> device manager
    Does the tv tuner have an exclamation mark next to it, like the canon mp600

    3. Open tvserver configuration, click preview channel, does that work?

    4. Still having problems?

    For support you need to provide logs + complete your system specifications page
    Logs -
    System Specs -
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    September 24, 2007
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    Thanks for your replay kiwijunglist,

    1) I rebooted several times ... no changes
    2) In the device manager eveything is OK
    3) I am using For the record with mediaportal tv server uninstalled. o I can not test this. In for the record the manual recording works also.

    in my opinión it seems to be a ftr problem. it is creating the ts files but does not write anything into the files. the ftr logfile says:

    2013-03-17 12:47:16,399 [INFO ][16]: Live streaming of RTL2 started on card #3, stream 898b9aed-00f7-4c6e-b980-6a4859b0042b
    2013-03-17 12:48:06,936 [INFO ][Heartbeat]: Restarting card service for card #3 'Cinergy S2 PCI Digital Tuner' due to missing heartbeat
    2013-03-17 12:48:08,417 [INFO ][Heartbeat]: Started card service for card #3 'Cinergy S2 PCI Digital Tuner' (@device:pnp:\\?\pci#ven_1822&dev_4e35&subsys_1179153b&rev_01#4&35e69562&0&28a4#{71985f48-1ca1-11d3-9cc8-00c04f7971e0}\{acec2d03-bdec-44c0-9a97-c577f6ee2602})

    The TS reader log says:
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.965 [890]CTsReaderFilter::ctor
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.966 [890]CRTSPClient::Initialize()
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.966 [890]CRTSPClient::createClient()
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.967 [890]Slow motion video allowed during zapping
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.968 [890]Wait for seeking to eof - false - constructor
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.968 [890]SetRelaxedMode
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.968 [890]Normal discontinuities filtering
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.969 [890]CALLBACK SET
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.969 [890]SetRequestAudioChangeCallback SET
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.971 [890]CTsReaderFilter::Load()
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.984 [890]FileReader::CloseFile() no open file
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.988 [890]FileReader::Read() read to less bytes
    17-03-2013 12:51:34.999 [890]FileReader::Read() read to less bytes
    17-03-2013 12:51:35.009 [890]FileReader::Read() read to less bytes
    17-03-2013 12:51:35.022 [890]FileReader::Read() read to less bytes
    17-03-2013 12:51:35.034 [890]FileReader::Read() read to less bytes

    The RecorderTuner.log says:
    [ERROR][10]: Exception: There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe://localhost/ForTheRecord.RecorderTuner.Card/72-C1-A1-01-74-99-06-75-DD-77-5C-8D-59-54-BE-51/status that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.
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