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January 19, 2005
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I posted this information on the support forum, as I'm not alone with this problem I post it here .

My installation is a clean one ( I had MP 0.2.3 uninstalled, erased the directories and install MP 1.0), I have selected all default choices in the setup.

TV-Server Version: 1.0
MediaPortal Version: 1.0
MediaPortal Skin: default blue two 4:3
Windows Version: xp fr sp2
Remote: hauppauge

On 0.2.3 there where scollbars on the right & bottom of the TV Guide when in the main config I had selected to add mouse controls in the config.
On 1.0 the option is checked but I see no effects in the TV Guide.

I guess that logs are useless as the problem is in the GUI.

Thank you for your help.



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January 19, 2005
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France France
It's a plugin incorrect xml !

My fault, I was at the office when updating the message (I forgot the skin).
My skin is blue 3 not 2 !
I did as indicated in the post, I add the blue two wide and I've got scrollbars, but the blue 3 (wide or not ) have none.

I take a look at the differences between the files, and notices that the scrollbar control are NOT in blue 3 skin xml file.
I guess that's a little bug ;)


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April 24, 2007
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Yep, many miss the scrollbars in the epg.
It really helped to see where you were in the epg.

Unfortunately the skindesigner intended it like this in order to get as much EPG-info on it as possible... :s My personal opinion is that the EPG is way out of tune with the rest of MP...
My advice to the skindesigner would be:
- Please don't delete usefull functions like scrollbars in the epg. There is no reason to leave it out, just redisign it to a bar of 3 pix wide for example, or a thin line with a little moving block, be creative :D
- if the tv EPG is a different design than the rest of MP, at least do the same for the radio EPG.

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