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Mr. Bean

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June 21, 2005
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I have the problem that MePo don't plays recordet HD satellite recordings.

See also:ür-hd-aufnahmen-tv-sat-lav-filter-klappen-nicht.110391/

First I've had not onstalled the correct LAV Filterpack. , , LAVFilters-0.51.3.exe

Now with the insaller version the windows mediaplayer will play the recorded recordet HD satellite recordings. But in MePo I will get this message ...

Here:ür-hd-aufnahmen-tv-sat-lav-filter-klappen-nicht.110391/page-2 you will also see all the codec values

Here is what I've installed in MePo:

Where is the Problem?
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    Hey Mr. Bean, didn't forget about you ;)

    LAV is somewhat limited in Windows XP, especially when it comes to deinterlacing which is used for TV recordings.

    Try configuring LAV Video outside of MP to not use High Quality Processing and no deinterlacing (Weave) and see if that makes any differency. You could also try the DXVA native acceleration if QuickSync does not work.

    Good luck!

    Mr. Bean

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    June 21, 2005
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    LAV is working with the Windows Mediaplayer. Here I can see the recorded Films. Without LAV that was not possible. There is installed DXVA native acceleration and no Deinterlacing. But ist works also without DXVA native acceleration. The i3-2125 is quick enough.

    How can I get the Intel HD3000 to use QuickSync?

    I now use the divX codecpack and Web Player and I can now see HD Recordings in MePo.
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