No Skin works on my HTPC! TV flickers with the latest CVS! (1 Viewer)


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January 8, 2006
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my htpc with mp rc1 works really great. but to install a new skin like realmp is very tragic. nothing on the whole pc works. write back my image is the only way to get the htpc working normal!
yesterday i tried the latest cvs to eliminate this problem, but i get a new one! my tv flickers extreme!
has anyone an idea?

ps: i don't want to change my release until the final is ready!


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  • April 27, 2004
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    in CVS builds only BlueTwo is maintained. That is the only supported skin. Using a non working skin may screw up the system.

    This weekend the team did make quite some changes to the TV engine. It may be broken, but CVS of 18.02 works on my system (PVR 150 nonMCE). Although your signature gives much infos, it might help to fill out the support template.

    CVS bugs should be reported on IRC or the test team forum! :)

    HTH, Flip.

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