[solved] No sound playing video (HDMI 7,1) but there is sound inside MP. (1 Viewer)


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November 13, 2011
Norway Norway
System: Mini NUC intel media dedicated computer, audio and video built in motherboard.
I use HDMI for sound and video as always done before (working) .
AV receiver is a yamaha 7,2 channel .

I have been using the system before without trouble.
but I think after some updates and change in settings, the sound is suddenly gone inside MP.

When I open a movie in VLC, I got 8 channel sound.
When I open a movie in MP my Yamaha display there "is" a signal 8 channel, but without any sound.
And when I use my remote to change volume up\down (usually the .wav sound never adjust when using spdf) but I can hear the clicking sound getting higher and lower. So there is sound output on .mp3 \ .wav maybe, but not when playing a movie.

My pc is set to output 8 channel (i think) because when I play a mp3 my Yamaha display 8 channels but there is anyway only stereo signal (so it sends out the other channels blank ?)

anyway, can somebody check my added .log file and help me ?
I `m really stuck here now.

also, some movies use long time to load. (dont know if that is something you can see in the log)

thank you for all help



Portal Pro
November 13, 2011
Norway Norway
ok guys.. i think I have sound again..
i unchecked every formats, leaving only DTS.-HD and it seems like there is sound now

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