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October 25, 2005

First I wanted to start with the compliments, of this nice peace of software. But I try, for 5 weeks now, my sound working on the TV with my PCTV USB2.0. I run version with MP, the TV screen works fine, but as I said without sounds.

I try to give much information as possible:

I ran version before and there works only the sounds not the screen/vision.

I installed WINDVD 4.5 and the Intervideo codecs are there. and selected them in the codec page for video and audio.

I tried those scripts specially for PCTV USB2 But can't get them to work. when I added these lines to CaptureCardDefinitions.xml. The setup cannot find any card So i stick with general S/W encoding card, then i get at least a screen.

When i make a record of a tv program. That works fine, with the codecs divx6.0 and mpeg3 layer codec. When I play that recorded part. it's give sound and screen as is should be. When I do that with the Intervideo codecs it can not play them.

even my remote control works fine. internet radio, everthing but accept for the that stupid sound.

So please who knows a solution? Or if you want more detailed information just mail me.

thanks in advance.

Regards Edward

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