[confirm] No streaming access -> Ampdroid crashes with Rikomagic mk802 III (Android 4.1.x) (1 Viewer)


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April 22, 2011
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Hey Folks,

Ampdroid is working fine with my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 4.1.2).

Now I just bought a "Rikomagic mk802 III" (for my flatscreen in bedroom)...
first thing after getting it out of the box:
established WiFi Connection with the Riko and also got connected to my Mediaportal-Sigleseat.

Problem / Bug:
As soon as I try to connect to my Movies / Music / Live-TV and so on, Ampdroid is crashing and I got smashed back to the homescreen.

Hope anybody could help.

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July 21, 2009
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I am also having problems with a MK809. Can connect fine but no go when I try to stream live tv or recordings. I will try to send some logs also, but i'm not sure if its a problem with the device as struggling to stream anything!

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