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July 24, 2016
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Help! I just upgraded my entire computer from 32bit to 64bit arcitecture and jumped from MP1.12 to MP1.14. I used to be able to access my YouTube subscriptions & everything on my old box, but now I cannot. I can load the YouTube channel in the OnlineVideo configuration tool, but there's no "YouTube" option in the Site Util drop-down, so there's nowhere for me to put my login, password, etc. I have played around with old versions of OnlineVideos, but nothing is working. Any ideas? Thanks!


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    You don't have to do such complicated things in Configuration.
    If you don't see the YouTube site in MediaPortal, open the hidden side menu and go to manage sites - there find YouTube, press Enter and "Add to my sites".
    Back in the list of sites (within MediaPortal), focus YouTube and press F9 to bring up the context menu. There you can enter credentials.

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