Noob here looking for a good linux client to connect to my MP TV Server (1 Viewer)


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  • March 24, 2011
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    I have MP setup as a dedicated TV Server (On a virtual pc via hypervisor). It works great so far and I am planning on using it to record shows and watch live tv. (I am ATSC OTA in the USA).. Anyway I have a zotac mag Atom based mini pc. It has 4 gigs ram and nvidia ion gpu. I want to put a stripped linux htpc type OS on it that would run a client like Mediaportal as a dedicated HTPC. I see there is no linux support so any good choices out there? I would like something that is current and actively being developed. :)

    I have media portal on another machine that is of course windows based but I want this little pc in my living room to be a dedicated htpc box and want it as fast, smooth, as possible with a nice interface if I can.


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