Norwegain (Canal Digital) DVB-S EPG stopped working (1 Viewer)


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  • September 26, 2006
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    ok - thanks you, will continue to try to find the data then, apparently, those channels do not contain norwegian EPG.


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    For anybody reading this thread in future...
    @Jasmeet_181 was right. The full EPG for all Canal Digital Nordic channels is available from transponder 11216 V. You can configure the DVB EPG grabber as follows:
    1. Open TV Server Config.
    2. Go to the tuner list. (Expand the TV Servers section, then select your server.)
      • Ensure EPG grabbing is enabled for at least one tuner.
    3. Go to the DVB EPG section.
      • Ensure "grab EPG only for channels on same transponder" is unticked.
      • Ensure either or both the time-shifting and idle EPG grabbers are enabled (ie. one of the "enabled" checkboxes must be ticked) according to your preference. Remember that the idle EPG grabber only starts when all tuners are idle.
    4. Go to the TV EPG grabber sub-section.
      • Ensure that "store data only for selected channels" is unticked.
      • Untick all channels except one of -->these<--. If you only enabled the time-shifting EPG grabber, make sure you choose a channel that you watch or record regularly.
    5. Go to the radio EPG grabber sub-section.
      • Ensure that "store data only for selected channels" is unticked.
      • Untick all channels.
    6. Go to the manual control section.
    7. Click stop service... then start service.
    8. Click refresh DVB EPG.
    9. Close TV Server Configuration.
    10. Wait approximately 5 minutes.
    After this you should see full EPG data for all Canal Digital Nordic channels.
    If you'd like to get EPG data for channels from other providers, I recommend to only tick the minimum number of channels (1 per provider or 1 per transponder) in the TV EPG grabber sub-section. That increases the speed of grabbing and probability of success.

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