Nvidia\ATI\X10 Remote GML Girder File And DualView Support! (1 Viewer)



Hi Guys I Am New Here
i really liked mediaportal, i've been using it for 2 weeks now, its perfect with my skystar2....

I did a little work here that i made my computer devided into screens
1: For office work and applications
2: For mediaportal

and i've made the girder control the mediaportal without any problems with the keyboard at the same time!

now for the steps:
1. install the X10 Drivers From http://software.x10.com/pub/applications/drivers/x10drivers.exe
2. Install the latest Girder From :
3. Install the latest Nvidia Drivers For Better Dualview Support
4. Enable the Genirec X10 plugin for girder
5. setup your osd settings as you like (they will not work in VMR9 mode)
6. install the moonlight elecard codec for best clone view support :
7. load my profile with dualview on in nvidia:
8. load My Gml For Best Controls (They are tageted they can control mediaportal in every state):

there is a simple gml for normal control and an advanced one for specific controles for each window in mediaportal (Not all for now ; Still Working)

now you can take control of your mediaportal in dualview mode without getting mediaportal to foreground

note : if you use ati or nvidia drivers you will have to set controles again in the eventstrings only unless you use the X10driver:
it is the best
soon i will post a picture of the current controles in the GML file (I Have exames (Should take week to finish my exams)

please, if you make any enhancements in the gml files post them here (I Dont know how to make the mouse Movements Smoother :(


sorry guys i will make a webpage for that (my host does not support external links)


Re: rar files

scma said:
Your rar files are not downloadable
sorry guys i forgot that the host doesnt support external links so take the files from here:

Note: Updated the GML File (MediaportalGirder Ver.0.1.GML) Now no need to change any media portal controls (Works with all the default one) :wink:


Portal Pro
November 17, 2004
This all works great, but do you think you could make a list of what all the buttons do? It's kind of a pain to look up each thing individually.

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