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April 15, 2013
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I'm using and am having problems with music (mp3's) occasionally stuttering (momentarily cutting out). I'm using SPDIF to an amp. The problem is isolated to Mediaportal as I don't get the issue when playing the same music from windows media player. If I instead output audio through HDMI (to TV and then SPDIF to amp) the problem goes away, but with this method I only get stereo audio rather than DTS, presumably due to limitations with HDMI and\or my TV.

Armed with the above knowledge I'm a bit confused where I should be looking to solve the problem (e.g. player, audio codecs, audio renders, audio splitters etc. I have tried maximising the buffer in the BASS player, tried the other player, and also experimented with changing the codec (and codec settings) and audio renders. I'm currently using LAV, and default directsound renderer.

Can anyone give me advise on what the issue might be?

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