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March 3, 2013
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Background: I have lots of DVDs that are commercial releases of TV shows, and I rip them to .iso files. Since the grabber scripts can't look up TV Series DVD releases, I have to manually edit the videos database to add them.

I go to MediaPortal Configuration, Videos/Video Database, and then click the Editor tab. I click Add, choose the .iso file(s), and click ok. I click Title and edit the title to just <Series Name> - Season <Season Number>. If I click on Coverart and click the Browse button and choose a cover art file, the entry I am creating "disappears" and jumps to the top of the title list; all that has changed is that there is a blank line in the list of titles (and if I close the window, the blank line is not saved.) Am I doing something wrong?

(extremely minor GUI nitpick: "Title:" label is not aligned middle with the combobox next to it.)

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