OMG, how do i setup my external hp ir receiver and windows media center remote (1 Viewer)


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October 5, 2012
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its usb ofcourse and Im going to use it with windows media center, i have a hauppauge colossus and its ir blaster sucks, keeps dropping the digits when changing channels, ive had my colossus for about 6 months now and have yet to get either blaster working correctly, the problem is that since the colossus is a capture card and not a tv tuner media center wont ask to setup the ir blaster like it normally would, please help, all the tutorials ive found left me lost and felt incomplete some how, this would b a HUUUUGE weight off of my shoulders, i havent been able to pre record a lot of shows because i cant get the blasters to turn to the correct channel consistently if ever sometime. thanx guys
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