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November 3, 2005
When I try to compress recorded TV to MPEG it works fine for all channels except channel 10 in Sydney. When it compresses the entire audio track is lost.

I have done some experimenting with GraphEdit and it seems the problem lies in the connecting of the audio pins from the DVR reader to the muxer. Although the connect method returns a result of 0 (success) if you then go and enquire what the pin is connected to it turns out that it did not connect successfully. Loading the graph remotely from GraphEdit also shows this is the case in MediaPortal.

I did some rewriting of the DVR2MPG function in a test program and found if instead of adding the StreamBufferSource in code and connecting everything manually you can add each of the filters then use the RenderFile function to load the DVR file. This consistently connects the graph correctly and therefore does not have the same problem with lost audio.

So in summary the DVR2MPG code ...

a. needs better error checking to work around the bug in the connect method.
b. may want to consider using RenderFile approach as this seems to work more reliably and require substantially less code.


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