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Johnny Utah

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January 11, 2005
Has anyone given any thought to creating a guide to optimising a system to ensure the best possible performance of MP? I ask because I have my system setup with mutiple hard drives, and was wondering where the timeshifting buffer was kept - is it on the c: drive, with the rest of the programme proper, or is it located on the D: drive, where I tell MP to record my TV to?

I'm sure there are many other questions that could go intot his same discussion, along the likes of: hard drive space kept free for timeshifting buffer? amount of RAM needed to optimise performance with various processors? defrag programmes & routines? And surely many more will come to light as time goes by

Just my thoughts - anyone?

p.s if anyone can tell me where the timeshifting buffer is recorded to, I'd be most appreciative :wink: Thanks :)


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  • April 27, 2004
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    timeshift directory is the same as the recording directory. To say the whole truth, it is the "cardX" directory beneath the recordings directory. :)


    Filip Van de Peer

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    September 13, 2005
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    in fact this is i think less important than asumed. The first couple of months I was always trying to minimise the load of the cpu by reducing the other programs in the resident memory etc, but when you see how little the load of the cpu is when recording 2 channels at a time for example, than it is less important to search for an optimal config.

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    May 13, 2005
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    Well Filip,

    On your setup it problebly doesn't matter but I have to sqeez out every possible bit of speed out of my system: duron 1200 with 512Mb

    But I think I've managed to do that.
    Most of that info is availlable on the internet. Just general tweaking youre pc for best performance.

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