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September 7, 2007
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Here is a patch for the feature request to disable the 'Do you want to stop live TV' dialog. This is the feature request: https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/...option-to-disable-stop-live-tv-dialog.102684/

Details about the patch:
  1. Added the checkbox Ask confirmation when stopping timeshift to the TV Client section in Configuration.exe. Should be self-describing in this context. The default value is true, so it will leave the current behaviour unchanged.

    The General settings tab in the TV Client section does not have much free space, so I found it difficult to find a good spot for the checkbox. I ended up with this: The checkbox is added to the TsReader options group (TsReader is the one using the timeshift buffer). The TV-Server and Group options groups are now placed next to eachother, to create some free space. Not sure if this all makes sense, so feel free to suggest alternatives. This is how it looks with the patch:
  2. Changed the TvPlugin to only ask for confirmation when the above setting is active. When the configuration checkbox is unchecked, live TV will just stop when pressing single stop on the remote.
Mantis: http://mantis.team-mediaportal.com/view.php?id=4238 (thanks to Holzi)
GIT branch: https://github.com/MediaPortal/MediaPortal-1/tree/FEAT-4238-Option_to_disable_Stop_live_TV_dialog (thanks to Oxan)

New Branch Updated against master :)
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    Thanks for making this patch! Hopefully it will get the attention of our @Developers and they could create a GIT branch for testing. :)
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    Great! The dialog has been annoying me as well, so let's see if we can get this into MediaPortal.

    I've created a git branch with the patch, FEAT_Optional_stop_live_TV_dialog. However, I'm not really sure what the process for getting it merged to MP1 currently is. I suppose I should create a Mantis issue now?


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    February 16, 2011
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    Thanks for your effort jonywee!

    I made the feature request and after examining the latest answers I tried to do something. Spend some hours searching the code with 'search & replace' until realizing it would be better practicing 'hello world' coding tutorials. ;-)

    I hope this function will end up in one of the future MP versions. To my knowledge there is a lot of TV-Server - timeshifting - tswriter - <possible stuff> - tsreader technology behind this. Maybe MP developers and testers are too protective? ;-) In a way the dialog could be replaced with something like "Do you have any clue what you are doing? You are throwing away timeshift files. You can pause, rewind, forward movies, series, music, we offer all exact moments of your irrational and not-understood stops in our memory buffers and databases. But this? We need to ask your confirmation again because we understand that the wife, cat or dog could sit on or drop the remote control and you will miss the timeshifted world ..<fill in>.. series or worse.... (..fill in..)

    The opportunity to make mistakes without technology nagging about it. Can I at least have the illusion that we have any control over it?

    In theory it's a nice and welcome functionality. But I prefer a choice in foolishness instead of daily confrontation with STOP ....Are You sure?(Y/N)?

    Thanks! ;-)


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