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December 22, 2015
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System : Media Portal 1 Version 1.12.0, Skin PureVision HD

When playing a video the Wiki states:

V/S (Video Slider) - allows you to select the viewing position in the video, rather than fast forward or rewind, or using the right/left arrow keys to skip

When i try to use the slider it will not move at all. It just updates to the current position.

I cannot move the slider to any other position, its just stick at the current position of the video playing.

Using the Video slider on my Android mobile functions fine.

Does anybody know how to get the Video Slider to Function ??

I use a mouse a lot and its handier and quicker than the fast forward or rewind functions.

I have tried various other skins and audio/video decoders but cant get it to work

Help appreciated


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